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Petra Boušková

Coach and Soft Skills Trainer

Public Speaking? I have the Know-how.
And you will have it too.


Are you looking for fitting presentation skills training for your team? The Art of Self-Presentation is very often crucial. I know how to get the maximum from a group. Experience it yourself!


In one word – ‘intense’. Do you have a conference panel coming up or do you just want to rapidly improve your presentation skills? I’m here for you!


Are you looking for a Speaker at your conference? Has my work caught your attention? I will be happy to prepare and discuss any topic you are interested in. And trust me, the audience will love it.


Smooth and professional. Are you looking for someone who will be able to work with the attention and energy of an audience? Stop looking – you found me!


My company workshops are always unique and based on the needs of a specific group. I don’t repeat myself. I create a structure of the workshop and a Case Study based on information I get from Skype call with managers of a group/my trainees. I like practical exercises and I follow a rule that every Speaker should spend more time on a stage then I do. Theory is shown on clear examples. There are no nonsense, boring tasks in my workshops.

Popular topics:

  • Self-confident performance in front of a customer/audience
  • Work with your voice
  • The right choice of words
  • Way to emphasize key messages of your presentation with body language
  • Leading Discussion
  • Case Study

In addition, every participant receives all video recordings of his performances, updated training manual and an opportunity to use my help in the future as a bonus.


I’ll be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time for a few hours. I will recognize all your strengths and areas which we can quickly improve. I help people find their presentation skills potential in general, or prepare them for that one specific presentation. We go through all of your prepared slides and practice everything together. Experience BOOST of your presentation skills with me.

What can you expect:

  • Individual approach of the Coach
  • Fast Recognition of your strengths
  • Improvement of your potential in professional presentation
  • Practical exercises exactly filling your needs

In addition, every participant receives all video recordings of his performances, updated training manual and an opportunity to use my help in the future as a bonus.


I have many experiences with holding speeches at big or small conferences. I was standing in front of hundreds of people, or small groups of enthusiasts. I dare to say I am a popular Speaker in the Czech Republic, as well as across Europe. I would love to be on your stage, too!

Popular topics:

  • Basic tips and tricks
  • Body Language
  • The Power of Words (Analysis of famous Speeches in history)
  • Working with Stage fright with help of NLP techniques
  • First Impression
  • Storytelling
  • My Speciality: Motivation of Employees in technical fields

Does a different topic cross your mind? I’m here for you, text me and we will figure it out together.


Would you like to have someone who can guarantee that your event will run smoothly? Are you looking for a Host who can properly engage your audience? Who is able to create the right atmosphere and establish a professional equilibrium between everyone who will shine on stage? You found me!

What can you expect:

  • Professional Host you can absolutely rely on
  • Someone who can easily handle difficult situations
  • Someone who can provide an extraordinary atmosphere

Zuzana Kučerová
Petra is a pro. She helped me to prepare my speech for a prestigious international festival where I was presenting my project. Thanks to her training, I wasn’t nervous at all and I was well prepared for my big day. I can highly recommend Petra to everyone. She Is a really nice and kind person, who can push you to improve your presentation skills in a way you wouldn’t think possible.

CT Producer, Czech Television

Cécile Chambolle
Petra provided me with both complex coaching and complete support. She helped me build on my abilities and on my personality to enhance the good elements of my speech by connecting the gestures, the voice, and the eye contact to the spoken word. Coherence between behavior and word is essential and with Petra, it seems so easy to reach.

HR Manager, RCI Finance CZ, s.r.o.

Lubomír Kříž
Petra’s trainings are prepared with precision and its structure and flow is on a really high professional level. As a workshop leader she joins theory, practice and trainings of real situations. I would recommend Petra as a really competent, empathic, professional, friendly and precise person.


Magdaléna Spišiaková
Professional. Passionate. Hard-worker. This is what characterize Petra the most towards her job as Presentation Trainer. I was privileged to be part of Petra’s training about presentations skills and it was amazing! I don’t remember if it ever happened to me that I was able to stay focused during 4 hours straight. Lots of great tips, real-time examples and important information was given during this course.

Talent Management Specialist, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Lucie Marholdová
I took part in Petra’s workshop on presentation and when I left, I was really excited and full of energy! It was really benefical for me, especially because it didn’t only concern theory, but also some practical tasks we did right on the spot. All in all, the workshop was fun and well structured. Petra is a great teacher and even better speaker!

Marketing & Communication Specialist, Tiens Czech Republic s.r.o.

Kristýna Haklová
I have contacted Petra after seeing her at stand up comedy workshop. I simply wanted to improve my presentations / public speaking skills for my work. Intense three hour training helped me more than dozens of hours on a stage without proper feedback. She is unstoppable bundle of energy and she was able to pass some of that energy on me. I will definitely continue to work with her on my skills.

Program Coordinator, Film Europe Media Company