My love?
Public Speaking and Presentations.

My mission?
To improve soft skills across the Czech Republic
and Europe. I love my job, and believe me – I do it well.

Me in a nutshell? My life consists of three passions.
Soft skills: I am a coach and a trainer of presentation skills. I lead workshops for companies, for managers and IT, for public and on conferences.
Hard skills: As QA Coordinator I help my teams solve different software testing problems on a Mexican–Czech project in a successfull testing company in Prague.
Soft and Hard skills: Conferences geniously connect my passion for a public speaking with my technical background. I’m speaking as a Keynote or regular Speaker across the whole world.

In my job I was able to unite my love for presentation and technical knowledge. I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Pilsen and didn’t want to ever give up technical environment. And so I lead workshops in IT companies. All my workshops are created individually, tailored for every company, every team. Different for Managers, different for Programmers.

I dare to say they remember me very well for example in Lear Corporation s.r.o. in Pilsen and Brno, in ZAT a.s. in Pilsen, v IG Watteeuw ČR s.r.o. in Brno or in Fragile Media s.r.o. in Prague.

I don’t only train public speaking, I’m a Public Speaker myself. The Stage is my second home. In 2016 I won the Czech&Slovak International Speech Contest in German and in 2017 not only have I repeated the same success, but also won first place as well in the Czech&Slovak Evaluation Speech Contest. I was for one year the president of one of the biggest and most progressive public speaking clubs in the Czech Republic (Proffesional Toastmasters Prague).

Standing on the stage at a conference that’s my element. You could find my name in the program of the biggest European conferences such as Hustef 2016, Hustef 2017Selenium 2017, ReQuest 2.0, Test Dive 2018 or Agile Testing Days 2018.